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So long… partner.

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And The Woman, she knew. 

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This is going to be incredibly dangerous

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going back to school after a break is like when you pause a video game to go pee and when you come back you forget how intense and chaotic everything was when you paused it and the second you unpause it all your enemies collectively punch you in the face

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CAROLYN: Ah, at last. Now then, guess who’s got a job tomorrow? I’ll give you a clue: it’s us.
DOUGLAS: And they call Hitchcock the master of suspense.

Cabin Pressure commission :)

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I knew you’d fall for it. That’s your weakness. You always want everything to be clever. Now shall we finish the game? One final act. Glad you chose a tall building. Nice way to do it.

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Karen On Why She Likes Working in the Genre of Horror and Sciene Fiction