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@bbcdoctorwho The read through has just finished for the #DoctorWho50th Special!

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david and billie

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41/50 pictures of David Tennant

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David and I were on set, filming Utopia, and we had the script to the final episode, but I hadn’t read it, because I don’t like to read scripts until we go into the read through. David kept coming into my trailer in the lunch break and saying, ‘Have you read it?’ I’d keep saying, ‘No’. He’d ask the same the next day. He said, ‘There’s something so amazing in it . You’re going to wet yourself when you see what’s coming’. I thought, right, I’m going to put the boy out of his misery. I read it the following day. Halfway through my lunch break, I ran to David’s trailer, banged on the door. ‘OH! MY! GOD!!!’ and David screamed back, ‘ISN’T IT AMAZING!!!!’ We just jumped around like idiots.- John Barrowman

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55/100 photos of David Tennant.